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This wall plate can be used to wire up any RCA signal. For example, composite video, digital coax, low power speakers, etc. The socket plate is separated from the wall plate for easy installation and easy alterations to wiring in future. Main plate has standard sized bolt holes for Australian 'C' or 'U' type plaster brackets. Two sets of bolts for cover and bracket.
The RCA socket is 24k gold plated, with solder post on the reverse side. Only soldering will be suitable for line level signals such as these to avoid signal loss.

Suitable for:

  • Composite video between projector, TV, receiver, etc.
  • Digital coax between DVD, CD player, amplifier, etc.
  • Low power speakers which use RCA plugs

We import thousands of these wall plates directly from the manufacturer, which is why we can get it to you at this incredible price. In fact, our prices are so low that we even provide stock to wholesalers in Australia!

Features and specifications:

  • 1 RCA for any RCA type signal
  • Removable cover plate for easy install and alteration
  • Tough, durable, paintable white plastic
  • Overall size: 113mm x 70mm
  • Mounting holes: 82.5mm and 96mm apart (82.5mm is the internal mounting holes, 'C' or 'U' type plaster bracket standard)
  • Includes 4 mounting screws, 2 for cover & 2 for main plate (per each wall plate)
  • 24k Gold plated binding posts
  • Solder post at rear

  • Model: WPA1001

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