23-37" X-Slim LCD Plasma LED TV Wall Mount Bracket 45kg

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Need to mount your Plasma, LCD or LED TV to the wall?
This TV mounting bracket will mount any plasma or LCD screen onto the wall for enhanced viewing pleasure. Its super slim design is only 35mm thick, ensuring that your TV is as close to the wall as possible for a professional looking finish.

Fits screens 23 to 37 inches
As long as your screen is larger than 480mm x 362mm, the mount will fit. Ensure that the rear mounting holes are no more than 425mm apart.

Easy to install
All brackets come in two groups of hardware: one for the wall and one for the TV. Simply mount the wall section first, then fix the other section to the TV, then put them together. A locking bar is inserted at the last stage of install, ensuring adjustments where necessary before completing the install.

Installation screws and bolts included!

Features and Specifications:

  • Perfect for mounting plasma, LCD and the latest LED TVs to the wall
  • Mounts 35mm from the wall
  • Holds 23 to 37 inch screens up to 45kg
  • Lockable
  • Installation screws and bolts included

CAUTION: Ensure all TV wall mounts and brackets are secured onto timber studs when mounting on timber walls.

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  • Model: TVM4015

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