18mm PE Braided Sleeving 10 Meter Pack

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Now you can have your own DIY cables looking like high end cables from a big brand manufacturer. Alternatively, organise two or more strands of cable into a single bunch in an attractive and professional manner.

Braided sleeving used to be made exclusively for high end cable manufacturers for exterior protection and organisation of multiple strands. As a result of the small quantities made, this material was highly sought after and unaffordable. We have once again been able to source from our exclusive manufacturer a large quantity of this material at huge discounts to ordinary retail prices. And because we've bought so much, you can now have professional looking cable at budget prices!

Features and specifications:

  • Expandable and stretchable diameter - fits 10mm to 22mm cable.
  • Be aware that due to this stretching, you will need to compensate for the shortened length of the sleeving upon install of the cable. Please order 20-50% more length than you need.
  • For best results, use a soldering iron to cut, and finish ends (e.g. with heatshrink) to ensure that it does not fray.

10m Value Pack.

  • Model: BRA1810

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