HDMI to DVI Cable 1.8m

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This is a high quality HDMI to DVI cable for connections such as between computer and projector, monitor and general purpose use.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and DVI (Digital Visual Interface) are the reference formats for video connections today. They are the only method of uncompressed, lossless signal transfer available. That's why HDMI and DVI are the best methods to connect your video signals for demanding applications such as SD or HD plasma TVs, LCD screens, projectors and quality traditional CRT monitors.

To put simply, for the most crystal-clear, razor-sharp, stunningly coloured pictures, there is no other option but HDMI/DVI.

To bring out the best in your investments, it is also essential to ensure digital signals are transmitted with the best cables to avoid signal breakdown, which can occur with bad cabling resulting in code error resulting in pixelation and patching.

Our cables incorporate the latest HDMI/DVI interweaving multi-core technology to bring out the best in your TV. With multi-layer ultra-shield protection, interference and noise nearly disappears. The ends are 24k matt gold plated to ensure best contact connection with ultimate corrosion resistance. All of these features ensure optimal signal integrity and the best picture possible for your home cinema.

We buy all of these cables direct so the savings are passed to you!

High Quality Materials
24k gold plated contacts and OFC conductors ensure vivid pictures.

Features and specifications:

  • 1.8m length
  • Multi-core interweave design for low inductance and high signal bandwidth
  • 24k Gold Plated Contacts
  • 99.99% Oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors
  • Multilayer shielded cable for low noise/interference
  • Weaved outer mesh ensures insulation integrity
  • Foil wrapped shield for best RF and EM interference rejection
  • Flexible and durable PVC jacket

  • Model: HDV1018

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