Pleximesh High End Component Video Cable 1.8m

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Another of our Pleximesh series cables which aims to bring high quality performance at a reasonable price. This cable optimises the most important specifications in video cable performance: increasing bandwidth and reducing interference.

How does it do this?

Increased bandwidth by using a special high dielectric insulation layer and the proven coaxial video cable design. Extensive layers of shielding including individual core layer copper braid, foil and again around the whole cable, copper braid and foil.

Advanced. Not Absurd.
The way this cable works is no magic or witchcraft like many high end cables promise. It simply combines fundamental, proven and accepted engineering properties to create...well just a super quality cable at a ridiculous price.

High Quality Materials
Like most of our cables, full metal casing and full 24k gold plated tips are used. Abrasive protection braid covers the cable to ensure chance of damage is minimised.

Cable features:

  • 28 x 0.12mm OFC strand cores
  • High dielectric PE core insulation
  • 100% Aluminium foil core shield
  • 48 x 0.12mm OFC core ground shield
  • PVC core insulation jacket
  • 3 core twisted helix
  • 6 piece PP fill
  • 100% Aluminium foil core shield (Outer)
  • 16 groups x 7 x 0.12mm OFC ground shield (Outer)
  • Durable PVC outter insulation
  • Nylon braided outter sleeving

Features and specifications:

  • 1.8m length
  • 3 RCA to 3 RCA
  • 24k Gold Plated Contacts
  • High pressure injection terminated
  • "O" cut turbines to ensure a snug fit
  • Sprung loaded tips for best contact
  • All metal alloy casing
  • Rubber grips for easy handling
  • Flexible and durable outer PVC jacket
  • Nylon braided outter sleeving
  • Terminated and ready for use

  • Model: AVC5018

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