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Affordable high end has arrived!
Incorporating high purity copper in a multi strand, multi core, helix wound cable, this cable is designed to perform to audiophile standards without the associated price tag. High dielectric PE insulated inner cores in its multi core structure enables maximum signal/power flow with least corruption from noise. Multi core multi twisted structure ensures low inductance, yet still allows low capacitance in a high end cable - enabling this to be used on all types of amplifiers. Copper strand thickness is controlled to a high accuracy and designed to achieve maximum uncorrupted signal transfer.

This per meter cable allows you the flexibility to make your own cables, run through walls, use for DIY components and speakers, etc. It also features 4 individually insulated cores, making it perfect for custom bi-wired cables, bi-amped cables, etc.

Optimal strand size
Each of the cores in this cable has 16 sonically optimised strands. Each strand is 26 AWG because at between 24 and 26 AWG, low frequency and high frequency delay is minimised, improving imaging, soundstage and many factors associated to "realism". There are a total of 4 cores, making it equivalent to a 11 AWG figure 8 cable in cross sectional area.

How are these prices possible?
We design these cables in-house and pass the savings onto you. There are no exorbitant marketing costs to incorporate into the making of this cable. Our design team both in Australia and overseas have designed and tested this cable from years of acoustic design experience.

Features and specifications:

  • Four separately insulated conductor cores
  • Helix twisted pairs
  • PVC outer jacket (raw cable, no braid)
  • Bi-wirable (4 cores)
  • 99.99% OFC optimised diameter cores
  • Light grey colour
  • Priced per meter

  • Model: SPH1001

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