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Our most popular high end cable just got better!
By popular request, our high end cables can now be custom ordered to your requirements. You can specify exactly how you'd like your cable made. We can provide you with lengths from 1m to 12m, terminated in standard, bi-wired or bi-amped configurations and with a choice of bare ends, standard banana plugs or any of our reference terminations such as spades.

NOTE: Delivery time & returns
As this cable must be custom ordered, it may take up to 4 working days to be made. It will be shipped once ready and you will receive an email notification as per our automated ordering system when this occurs. Please note that change of mind returns for custom cables will not be accepted.

A true high end cable, without the high end price tag
Few audiophile cables are of such value and quality that it creates a following by so many discerning audiophiles. Sure, there are many cables out there which deliver reasonable results. But most come with a hefty, sometimes ridiculous price tag, and as yet none have achieved fantastic all round performance at such spectacular value.

Silver - the best electrical conductor in the world
Silver is the best electrical conductor known to man, both in pure conductance forms as well as for bandwidth - that is, increasing both low and high frequency performance. This translates to more extension in both ends of the sonic range. Bass is much lower, and the highs are more open, clear and detailed.

Silver is not "harsh"
Most of our customers who try this cable for the first time are surprised by how unbelievably neutral it is. Why? Because silver wasn't ever bright to start off with. Many "high end" cable manufacturers have tried to initiate myths about silver "harshness" and "brightness". This is a blatant lie aimed at reducing costs by not using this rather expensive material. Most million dollar test equipment used in industry have silver plated connections. Silver is excellent in being absolutely neutral and open, which is what every audiophile should be looking for in their cable. The best cable is no cable.

Not silver plating
The strands in this cable are silver coated, not silver plated as in many cheap "silver speaker cables". There is a 99.99% OFC copper core which carries a proportion of bass current, however every strand has over 50% silver in cross sectional area.

Bi-wire and Bi-amp configurations
This cable has 4 independent internal cores. This means that the cable can be made for bi-wiring (2 to 4) or bi-amping (4 to 4) with a single run. Options for bi-wiring or bi-amping are available below.

Features and specifications:

  • Please allow up to 4 business days extra on normal delivery time
  • Length and terminations as custom selected
  • As this cable is made to order, change of mind refunds are not accepted
  • Order is per single length: for one speaker (for pairs see our custom pair cable)
  • 99.99% fine silver conductors (surgical grade, made in Germany)
  • Cross sectional area equivalent to approximately 12 AWG figure 8 cable
  • Braided nylon outer jacket

  • Model: SPH3101

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